Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet Vinegar Pork Rib 糖醋排骨

Sweet Vinegar Pork Rib, Sugar and Vinegar Pork Rib, or Sweet and Sour Pork Rib is originated from Si Chuan, China. The pork rib is being deep fried usually and served as cold appetizer dish. The main ingredients of this dish is Pork Rib, Sugar and Vinegar. There are many varieties in cooking this dish, such as the size of the pork ribs, serve it cold or hot, types of sugar (white/brown/ice sugar), types of vinegar, whether to deep fried the pork rib or not. You can decide how to cook and serve it depends on your circumstances. Usually this dish will be decorated with white sesame before serving.

I prepare this dish today with the simple methods (as I always like the easy ways) without too much oil as I didn't deep fried the pork rib, but yet it's appetizing.

1. 5-6 tsp Brown sugar
2. 600-800g Pork Rib (Quickly rinse them with hot water to get rid of the pork smell/blood, Optional)
3. 6-8 tsp Balsami Vinegar (that's the only one I have, you can replace this with any vinegar)
4. 2-3 tsp Chinese dining wine for cooking
5. Salt

1. Heat the pan, some oil and add in sugar. Melt the sugar with low heat. (Beware not to overcook the sugar)
2. Add in Pork and stir them to cover the pork skin with melted sugar. It will looks in brown colour.
3. Then add in water. The water should probably cover the pork rib. Turn to medium to high heat to cook them. In the same time, add in dining wine.
4. About 30 minutes until the water is lesser, add in vinegar and little salt. Mix them well. Cook it until the juicy sauce is thicker and covering all the pork ribs. You can then taste the sauce. If it's too sour, then adjust it by adding more sugar, vice-versa.

You can serve this hot/cold. Usually we cook a lot and keep the extra in the fridge to be served again the next day. The pork rib is tender and the sweetness actually sink into the meat. This dish is served with rice.


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